Tombstones Tell a Story

J.B. Brouillette's marble tombstone is now difficult to read. Fortunately the inscription was recorded many years ago. According to John F. Meginness and others it reads,

     Rev. J.B. Brouillette
    Converted to the Christian Religion, June 1854
    Died June 17, 1867, Aged 71 Years

His exact date of birth is unknown but his age at death means he was born 1796.

J.B. Brouillette was buried in the Bundy Cemetery in the area of Peru, Indiana. The graveyard was moved in 1964 by the Corp of Army Engineers to create a dam and provide flood control on the Wabash.

But moving that sacred burial ground caused the Miami much angst. To the Miami, this was yet another forced removal of their people by the federal government. The new cemetery, on higher ground about a mile from the original, is known as the Frances Slocum Cemetery.


His father, Michel Brouillette, was born August 14, 1774 in Vincennes, and was buried in the Old Cathedral cemetery. His grave is unmarked, as are most of the graves here. The old church cemetery suffered from over-crowding. It's said bodies were interred 2 and 3 people deep before a new cemetery was created. 

Michel Brouillette died December 27, 1838.

The grave of Michel Brouillette, grandfather of J.B. Brouillette, at the Old Cathedral, Vincennes, Indiana. The birthdate on this tablet is an error. The error may owe to the fact that this Michel Brouillette was born in Quebec and could not read or write. He was born July 14, 1740, Chambly, Quebec; and died Jan. 6, 1797.

Some researchers have confused this man with a Michel Brouillette, who was his contemporary, who married and died in Quebec. But the man who lived and died in Vincennes is the only Michel Brouillette of his generation that is unaccounted for in Quebec records.

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