Proving Tahquakeah's Father

Proof of Tahquakeah's father comes to us through Indiana artist, George Winter. Winter mentions the fiddler Brouillette of Logansport, who was a half-brother to the "famous Miami Indian" who married the daughter of Francis Slocum.

The fiddler Brouillette is Michel Bradmore Brouillette born 1810, son of Michel Brouillette born 1774 Vincennes. Michel Bradmore Brouillette ran a dancing school in Logansport. As these men are half-brothers, we can deduce they have the same father.

From The Journal and Indian Paintings of George Winter published by the Indiana Historical Society,

"The court of Logansport was held in Washington Hall, a hotel. The court was held in the long room , a room well remembered by us and many yet surviving. The merry old times full of the spirit of bright hours when the fiddling of Brouillette, half-brother to the famous Miami Indian, son-in-law of Frances Slocum the Lost Sister, was danced to with great savor by those who constituted at that time the gay and select circle."


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