Image Courtesy of Indiana Historical Society.

This exhibit idea began with a show and tell by the archivists of the Indiana Historical Society of interesting documents in the libraryís collection. The family of David E. Beem had given the library a collection of documents and letters. These included a vivid letter from David Beem to his wife Mahala describing the deadly Battle of Gettysburg several days after it had ended in July 1863.




The battle flag of the 14th Indiana Volunteers was loaned to the exhibit from the














Mahala Joslin came of age and married during the Civil War. Following their wedding, Mahala Beem waited impatiently for the return of her husband from his three years of service in the War. She kept busy with household tasks including helping her sister care for several children, learned to play piano, taught Sunday School, and volunteered in home front war efforts.

My contribution to the project called for writing an interpretive research paper that helped guide development of the exhibit. The research involved learning about the families involved, reviewing David Beemís many letters and military service, as well as create context for the narrative with research on the history of the 14th Indiana Volunteers, the Civil War, camp life and the home front.



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