Top Ten Reasons I was Run Over

on the Information Highway

by Jennifer Harrison                                      

Reason #10    My engine doesn't run on low-octane fuel and I'm out of coffee.

Reason #9      I violated the rules of the road and was sent to remedial browsing school.

Reason #8      My brakes failed and I ran into a pile-up of run-on sentences.

Reason #7      I was driving too fast and I was pulled-over by the grammar police.

Reason #6      I was driving too slow and I was timed-out waiting for a response.

Reason #5      Someone thought I was too whimsical and I was told to "get serious."

Reason #4      I was accused of taking myself too seriously and I was told to "lighten up."

Reason #3      I downloaded a virus and now I have a nasty hack in my stack.

Reason #2      I joined an overheated discussion and lost control of my keyboard.

Reason #1      Someone thought I was rude and I was flamed!

Copyright 1996.  All rights reserved by the author.