Internet Resources for Journalists and Communicators

Journalism Links   Internet resources for journalists and others by Sreenath Sreenivasan, Columbia University.

FedWorld. <> An entry point to the maze of info and services of the federal government. Includes searchable database.

ProfNet. Locate experts and sources.

Experts Directory.

CIS Investigative Resources. A medley of research tools.

BRINT - Business Research Interests. <> Articles, white papers and journals related to business, management and information technology.

State and Local Government on the Net. Links to state and local government.

PR Newswire. <> More than press releases here, this site has good links to other newswires, government and industry information.

Zenith MediaNet. Marketing and Media Resources. A media directory.  <>  

National Press Club, Reporters Resources. <> Excellent links to tools and information resources.

- compiled by Jennifer Harrison

rev. 12/20/2006