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Underground Railroad Museum
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Cincinnati museum to open next year will feature Indiana sites and stories. Indianapolis Eye, April 15, 2003







Return of the Whooping Cranes
Spring signals migration of whooping cranes led by ultra-light planes last fall from Wisconsin to Florida. Indianapolis Eye, Mar. 18, 2003






Legacy of Freedom
A family's journey from slavery to modern times. Indianapolis Eye, Feb. 18, 2003

                           photo by Jennifer Harrison
Carole Guess, Indianapolis



Image Courtesy of NURFC
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati.










                                            photo courtesy WCEP

Mature whooping cranes reach five feet in height.







Exit Interview 
County Prosecutor Scott Newman. 

Marion County Prosecutor, Scott Newman shares his insights about criminal justice in Indianapolis as he steps down from his eight-year term. Learn what makes him tick and ticked off, and where he's headed now. Indy Men's Magazine, Dec. 2002




Research Rescues Language of the Miami.
Nearly lost with the passing of all who spoke it, the speech of the Miami rejoins its people.  The Indianapolis Star. 




                             photo by John Bragg
Scott Newman, Indianapolis 



                                               photo by Karen Baldwin 

Miami language camp led by Daryl Baldwin near Peru, Indiana.


East meets Midwest.
The Dalai Lama visits Bloomington to perform sacred millennial ceremony known as the Kalachakra. The Cincinnati Post

Wired Ancestry Search. 
People pursue their roots for many reasons. And more people are learning to trace their ancestors online. Correspondent. 





Tom Wolfe Speaks at Wordstruck Program.
The master weaver begins his remarks with reference to what he sees as missing in 20th century history -- the history of intellectual ideas.



Top 10 Reasons I was Run Over 
on the Information Highway.



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