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Back to the Future.
Nation's Business, January 1999. 
Memorable moments can be stored for the future with Jeff McCarty's time-capsules. Profile and small business story. 

Advertising Joins Journey of the Soul.
American Demographics, June 1997.
Growing book sales show an increasing interest in religion and spirituality. Some advertisers now try to connect with the spiritual values of a market. But such appeals can desecrate a bond of trust with the consumer.

Annual Reports Online
Ragan's Webmaster Report, April, May 1996.
The creative and content-rich material of annual reports are a natural for cyberspace.  Here a few things to consider before hitting the cyber dust with your annual report. 

Spiritual and Religious Publishing Increase.
Freelance Success, Feb. 1996.
Boomers are not the only engine driving the trend. Also at work is an increased interest in spirituality, both as part of an ongoing redefinition of religion, and as part of a growing interest in New Age philosophy. 

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